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Is it time to make dreams of a house with a garden and a family come true ? Are you looking for a building plot or land for lease or sale ? You will find here current offers for building plots and land in different parts of Poland. The quicker you choose the location and buy the plot the faster you will make your dream come true.

Before you start browsing the offers, consider your expectations of the place where your house or other facility will be situated. Specify the money you have available. This will allow you to eliminate offers which do not meet your expectations, so you won`t waste time browsing them. If you found the plot you took a liking for, that meets all your expectations, however the price is too high, try to contact its owner and negotiate. If you do this in an appropriate way, maybe you will close a deal.

Are you on the opposite side and it is you who wants to sell or lease a building plot or land ? Draw up and advertisement presenting precisely the dimensions of the plot, with a description, whether it is developed or undeveloped area. Add a few words about the surrounding area that may encourage the potential buyer. Do not forget to attach a photo which will draw the attention of the visitors.

HomeFree advertising website is visited every day by thousands of people who dream of building a new house, want to build a warehouse or business premises. Maybe one of them will  take an interest in your advertisement. On our part we ensure that your offer will reach all the concerned people from your town and area.

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