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Are you looking for a garage for rent in the vicinity of your place of residence or do you intend to purchase a parking space in an underground garage belonging to your block of flats? You have come to the right place ! You will find here sale and rent offers of parking space and garages. The faster you find a place for your car, the quicker you will provide protection for your car and peaceful sleep for you.

Before you start the search, specify your expectations regarding the price and location of the parking space, which will allow you to narrow down the search area. In some advertisements there is a note that the price is not final and is subject to negotiations, therefore it is well worth reading each advertisement you are interested in carefully.

Are you the owner of a garage or parking space in an underground garage and you would like to rent or sell it ? Prepare a precise description of the offered facility and attach a photo to it. Try to draw up an authentic advertisement in order to arouse interest of the potential purchaser or tenant who is willing to close a deal with you.

HomeFree Website is visited by hundreds of people from whole Poland, therefore your advertisement will reach a wide circle of concerned people immediately. Your only task will be to draw up the advertisement in such a way as to attract attention of prospective purchasers or tenants and distinguish your offer from other advertisements. So just go ahead !

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