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Pellet mill, granulator GKM-260

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One of the largest representatives of the GKM series is the GKM-260 feed and pellet granulator. It is a solid and reliable equipment that will provide your farm with a sufficient amount of granulated feed for animals and, at the same time, fuel pellets for the winter. The rotations of this pellet mill are reduced by means of V-belts (3 x 1750mm type B belts). The die is rotatable, the rollers are fixed. This allows you to get high performance with lower energy consumption, which makes this machine not only time-saving but also money-saving. By buying such a 2in1 pellet machine, you can kill two birds with one stone. Its solid construction allows the processing of soft raw materials, such as compound feed into granulated fodder, or harder raw materials such as biomass or sawdust into fuel pellets. You can make wholesome food for your pets, and additionally make pellets for keep your house warm. Technical data of the GKM-260 granulator: • The diameter of the working holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (the die is adapted to the customer's needs); • Engine power: 11kW; • Voltage: 400V; • Number of rotations on the matrix: 250 rpm; • Matrix diameter: 259 mm; • Rolls quantity: 2 pcs • Number of cut-off knives: 1 pc; • Guarantee period: 12 months; Productivity: • For feed: up to 300 kg / h; • For pellets: up to 120 kg / h; Dimensions: • Length: 900 mm; • Width: 700 mm; • Height: 1500 mm; • Weight: 250 kg; In the pellet machine set you will receive a matrix appropriately matched to your needs. Our specialists will help you choose the optimal matrix, taking into account the raw material that will be processed and the animals for which the granulated feed will be made. + The pellet machine set includes a key for easy removal of the dies FOR FREE! Call us or contact us by e-mail, and our specialists will provide you with any advice and arrange a free consultation!

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