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Location: 03-876, Matuszewska 20/110 Warsaw, Poland
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Information über das Angebot Klickanzahl: 96 ---------- -------- Hammer mill MB-500 is designed for grinding grain, chips, sawdust, husks, chips, particles. The Hammer mill is used for the previous grinding of chips for the required fraction before the granulation process (the ideal fraction for granulation is 6mm) and is ideal for our production line. It can also be used as a separate unit.----------- Advantages of the MB-500 mill: * High performance with relatively low energy consumption.; * Adaptation of the mill to different types of material, taking into account its properties; * Simple and compact design; • Ability to adjust the degree of material grinding; * Low operating costs, quick replacement of sieves and hammers; * Possibility of additional equipment with a cyclone; • Longevity; • High reliability and safety of operation. -------- Features: Size: * Length 129.0 (cm) * Width 115.0 (cm) * Height 125.0 (cm) * Weight 500.0 (kg) Main characteristic • Application: for grinding chips, sawdust, wood chips, grain • Product type: impact Mill * Drive type: electric * Capacity: 400.0 (kg / h) - sawdust * Engine power: 22 kW • Power consumption 22 kW * Voltage 380.0 (V) Additional feature Warranty period of 12 months


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