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AutoLine Taxi is looking for Persian/Farsi and Turkish speak employees

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AutoLine Taxi is looking for Persian/Farsi and Turkish speak employees for a full-time/part-time positions in Europe. VistaOverseas Man Power Agency annually helps developing businesses to find the best employees for their company. Currently, we offer wide variety of different positions in AutoLine Taxi company. AutoLine Taxi company is the new developing company which providing the taxi service over the biggest European cities. The company is developing a new mobile application that will connect drivers and passengers for comfortable travel with around the clock customer support. The main advantage of the application is that no matter what city and country customers live in, they can get a service with AutoLine Taxi application in their native language: Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Russian and etc. Nowadays, the company begins to develop its application in English, Persian and Turkish, and after a successful launch will continue to develop in other languages. For successful start of the company, AutoLine Taxi hires people for different positions such as: - Software developers; - Translators; - Customer Support Managers; - Project Managers; - Drivers; - Corporate Assistant. Responsibilities and Duties: The main responsibilities for all the position is the organization and support of starting and managing the taxi application service. You can work both remotely and your city, depending on your qualifications and responsibilities. Our ManPower Agency will choose the best position for you in AutoLine Taxi company in order to build a large professional international team. Qualifications: - Diploma holders / Undergraduate; - Fluent Persian or Turkish; - Good communication and interpersonal skills in English; - Computer knowledge; - Able to work independently; - Strong planning and prioritization skills; - Problem-solving and loyalty personal skills. If you are interested in our work positions, please send your CV with a detailed description of your qualifications. Best regards, Diana Arsenova www.vistaoverseas.com www.autoline-taxi.com ManPower Agency.

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